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Welcome to DRAWING info. My name is Debabrata Das, I'm an artist and Founder of the website belong from INDIA. My education qualification is running on graduation. I am 26 years old. And complete 2nd year of Art Collage from India. Founded in 2020 by Debabrata Das, DRAWING info has provided all art information. This website is better for kids and students because they: 1. We Follow a consistent format. Every drawing tutorial is broken down easy steps by step, so students can understand how the drawing starts and makes a logical progression to the end. 2. It is based on real drawing classroom experience When you learn to draw in a drawing classroom, it is almost impossible for a teacher to teach everyone to draw properly because there are so many children. Because every Akter has a certain simple rule. Which has been our maximum effort to teach technically and logically very simply on this website. Which is very important for your students. So learning from the website will be much easier and simpler for your child 3. High rates of success increase self-confidence and an interest in drawing more. if children judged themselves and judged their capability for good or bad drawing. Here(DRAWINGinfo) If they learn from this website, they will be able to see and practice many more pictures so that they can learn more and develop what they can. It is very good for them. I believe that I believe that if you encourage your students to improve their skills, they will be able to fill their confidence level a lot and become more proficient. I hope you enjoy and must learn Art knowledge as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. — Debabrata Das, Founder of DRAWINGINFO.COM

Drawing Secret Tricks For Kids

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